The New Hope Nursery ministry exists to glorify God by providing loving and competent care for little ones as their parents worship and serve.

Nursery is provided for children 3 years and under.


  • Parents can check-in and drop off their children up to 15 minutes prior to the start of the worship service.
  • In addition to the Child Checkin system, be sure to sign the check-in sheet in the nursery.
  • Please have your child’s personal items (diaper bags, bottles, etc.) labeled to identify them as yours. We have labels in the nursery for your use.
  • A limited number of pagers can be provided upon request – this allows the staff to contact you during service if needed.
  • Our nursery aims to be staffed at a 3:1 staff to child ratio to ensure the children’s safety. On rare occasions, capacity may be exceeded and we may not have room for your child.


  • Please bring your own diapers. We keep extra on hand for emergencies but will use yours first.
  • If you do not want your child changed by our nursery staff, please let the staff know when your child is signed in.


  • Nursing mothers are welcome to use Rm# 205 during the service as needed. This room is located in the West-wing hallway at the very end. There are a couple of comfy chairs, a changing table, and a TV to hear the sermon on.


  • The nursery provides snacks. We also offer gluten-free options for those who need it. If your child has allergies or other restrictions, please plan to bring your own pre-labeled snacks. Also, ensure any allergies or restrictions are listed in the Child
    Checkin system, so that the staff can see this information on their Checkin tags.


  • Toys are washed and sterilized each week. We strive for a safe and healthy environment.


  • Please adhere to the Child Checkin policy and bring your corresponding tag to pick up your child. Parent and child tags are printed together with a unique number each week to ensure the children’s safety.
  • Please plan to pick up your children within 5 minutes of the worship service ending.


  • We ask that you do not admit babies that are running a fever, coughing or appear to be ill. If a runny nose is clear and not accompanied by other symptoms, the child may be admitted.
  • If a baby becomes ill or injured while in our care, the parent/guardian listed on the Child Checkin tag will be notified immediately.
  • We strive to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the children.


  • All nursery staff must apply and be approved by church leadership, following a background check.
  • Two-adult rule:  There must always be at least two approved adults, or one adult and one teen helper (16 years or older) on duty in the nursery.
  • Only female staff change diapers or tend to bathroom needs.
  • Youth helpers may only stand while holding the children if the child can walk independently.

We promote both safety and smiles!