The Book of John

Listen to our sermon series through the Book of John, by Paul Benzel.

  1. Lazarus
  2. Lazarus-Part 2
  3. What About Jesus
  4. For Love or Money
  5. Palm Sunday
  6. Alive In Christ
  7. Dying in Order to Live
  8. Glory in Death
  9. John 12:36-43
  10. Confessing Christ
  11. Washing the Disciple's Feet - Part 1
  12. Washing the Disciple's Feet Part 2
  13. Judas the Betrayer
  14. What About Love?
  15. Trouble and Comfort
  16. I Am the Way the Truth and the Life
  17. I Am the Way the Truth and the Life - Part 2
  18. Greater Works
  19. Prayer & Obedience
  20. The Helper
  21. Temple of the Living God
  22. The Helper and Reminder
  23. The Peace of Christ
  24. Peace, Joy, and Faith
  25. The Vine and the Branches
  26. Bearing Fruit
  27. The Fruit of Love
  28. Bear Fruit
  29. The World
  30. Preparing for Persecution
  31. The Helper - Part 1
  32. The Spirit of Truth
  33. Grief-Joy
  34. Overcome
  35. Overcome - Part 2
  36. The Power of Christ
  37. The Prayer of Christ - Part 2
  38. The Gospel of John
  39. The Lord's Prayer for the Disciples
  40. The Lord's Prayer for the Disciples - Part 2
  41. The Lord's Prayer for the Disciples - Part 3
  42. The Lord's Prayer for those who Believe
  43. Going Forth to the Cross
  44. Trial and Denial
  45. The King and Truth
  46. Barabbas
  47. From Hosanna to Crucify
  48. Pilate - The Crowd
  49. The Lamb
  50. The Death of Christ
  51. So That You May Believe
  52. He Is Risen
  53. Jesus Appears
  54. Jesus Appears to the Disciples
  55. Belief
  56. Obedience
  57. Love and Care
  58. Follow Me

Youth Group – Journey

Regular Youth Group begins on September 12th! Youth group is open to all Middle and High school ages and is held on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:00. The focus of our youth group night is spiritual growth, fellowship and outreach. Some people arrive a little early for hang time, playing football, basketball or just hanging out. At 6:30, we begin group or team building games. We conclude our youth group night with Bible study, which is the main reason we meet. Tony is also looking for some more youth leaders to help out this year. Please contact the church office or Tony directly if you are interested in serving in this way. His number is 208-739-2989.