Camp Pinewood – Summer Camps

Camp Pinewood Summer Camps: Summer camps are coming up with the first camp to be held on June 21st. You can visit the Camp Pinewood website to register. Also, in preparation for all the camps there will be a work time over Memorial weekend which is May 28th-31st. There will be something for all skill levels to help with. Bring the family and help with camp. See below for specific dates on the camps.

  • June 21-25 Junior Camp
  • June 28-July 2 Adventure Camp 1
  • July 5-10 Family Camp 1
  • July 5-9 Adventure Camp 2
  • July 12-17 Middle School Camp
  • July 19-24 High School Camp
  • July 25-28 Especially Needed Family Camp
  • July 28-31 Connections Camp
  • August 2-7 Family Camp 2
  • August 2-6 Adventure Camp 3
  • August 9-13 Adventure Camp 4