Foundations in Genesis

Join us on Friday evening, January 24th at 7pm to hear from Foundations in Genesis speaker David Bishop. David Bishop joined the Marine Corps at age 18 and served in various locations throughout the world. He worked as a police officer in southern California in the patrol division and is also a Sniper on the Swat team. He believes that in order to win in battle, soldiers must have an absolute standard of values. In 1994, he began teaching Marines the mindset and values of the warrior culture of the soldier. He has taught Core Values classes to over 400,000 Marines. David majored in Biblical studies and
received a Bachelors of Science. He has been an instructor for Evantell committed to clarity in evangelism and has traveled speaking in Churches, outreaches, veteran, and patriotic events. He has presented the Gospel message to over 200,000 U.S.
Marines in a 25-year ministry that has resulted in tens of thousands of servicemen coming to faith in Christ. He also has written a book, “Christian Truth and Its Defense for U.S. Marines”. The topic this month is: Creation Science Arguments Frequently Open Up
Other Questions and Objections